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Buying into Fairtrade - Procurement in the private :

With funding support from DFID, the Fairtrade Foundation, independent certification body in the UK that licences the use of the Fairtrade mark, published case studies of organisations that have integrated Fairtrade products into their procurement practice. There are details of how the switch to Fairtrade has been communicated, how procurement guidelines were negotiated, and advice on working with suppliers.
Copies of this report can be downloaded as a PDF from the Fairtrade Foundation website, www.fairtrade.org.uk, or ordered as a hard copy via the website, or from the Fairtrade Foundation on 020 7405 5942.

Fair Procura Research Report in Slovenian :

The Fair Procura Background Research Report is now available also in Slovenian language thanks to Umanotera who provided the translation. Umanotera is a Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development established in 1994. The fundamental mission of Umanotera is to balance the human society with the environment, and promoting ethics in citizens’ attitude towards nature and the environment. http://www.umanotera.org/

Fair Trade in Public Procurement :

An update of the research on Fair Trade in public procurement has been carried out in the third year of the Fair Procura project. The research report presents three case studies on Fair Public Procurement policies and practices, covering the following EU countries: Belgium, France and Italy. These countries have been chosen as they represent ones of most advanced “culture” on Fair Trade and they have long experience on introducing Fair Trade considerations into public procurement. The report illustrates how Fair Trade considerations have been taken into account in the national legislations on public procurement. Other regional and local legislative and non-legislative instruments aimed at supporting Fair Trade and Fair Trade public procurement, are also examined. The report highlights as well some current options at EU level to get more Fair Trade considerations in public procurement.

Procura+ Manual :

The manual provides clear and simple advice on how public authorities, such as local governments, universities, schools, and hospitals, can implement sustainable procurement - no matter what their size or level of experience. This is a second edition of the manual, published by ICLEI in 2007.

The Fair Procura Background Research Report :

In the frame of Fair Procura Project a background research on Fair Trade and public procurement has been carried out. As a result the Fair Procura Background Research Report was published. This report addresses public authorities and institutions interested in knowing what Fair Trade is, how to recognize Fair Trade products, the reasons why Fair Trade should be supported and the legal and technical aspects of introducing Fair Trade criteria into the different stages of public procurement procedures. Best practices examples of public authorities who are already applying Fair Trade criteria into public procurement can be found in the report. Finally the report states the importance of raising public awareness for sustainable consumption alternatives.

German version of the Fair Procura Report :

Fair Procura Background Research Report is now available also in German version, thanks to the ICLEI Europe, who provided the translation.

Business Unusual :

By looking behind the scenes of Fair Trade, the book 'Business Unusual. Success and Challenges of Fair Trade' presents the way Fair Trade works in practice and how it benefits concretely the poor producers from developing countries. Based on examples of coffee, rice, handicrafts, cotton and textiles, the book discussed the difference between Fair Trade and other ethical and sustainable trade initiatives. The aim is to encourage all business actors to apply the principles of Fair Trade and cooperate with the Fair Trade movements. The book was published by FLO, IFAT, NEWS! and EFTA in October 2006


The Buy Fair Guide provides clear and simple advice for public authorities wishing to purchase Fair Trade products. Including an introduction to Fair Trade; advice on minimizing legal uncertainties in procurement; actual text that can be used directly in public tenders; and suggestions for other complementary activities.

Fair Trade and the Solidarity Economy :

A summary report of the Fair Trade Workshop's activities, this document begins by introducing the main issues surrounding Fair Trade. It then goes on to explore the current challenges facing the industry, ending with an overview of the new paradigm put forward by the Fair Trade Workshop. 2006

Samuel Poos :

Public Authorities play the Fair Trade Card , document written by Samuel Poos of Belgian Fair Trade Centre. June 2006

Eurocities CARPE Guide to Responsible Procurement :

Cities as Responsible Purchasers in Europe (CARPE) - The guide gives detailed instruction for each of the six responsible procurement strategies identified through the Carpe project. 2005

Speech - Peter Mandelson :

"The Fair Trade Agenda" - speech by EU External trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson to the PES Conference on Fair Trade. 22 June 2005

Speech - Pascal Lamy :

"What role for Fair Trade in EU Policies?" - Former Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy at the Conference on Fair Trade: A Contribution to Sustainable Development. 23 March 2004

Buying Green! :

Handbook on environmental public procurement, produced by the European Commission. 2004