ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) is a world-wide association of 460 local governments and their associations dedicated to sustainable development. In 2005-2006 ICLEI is implementing a one year project entiteled “Buy Fair\" - European public procurement guidelines for Fair Trade- - whose objectives are:
• To provide practical guidelines for public procurers in Europe wishing to purchase fair trade products, through detailed consultation with key stakeholders in Europe and the developing world;
• Through increasing the demand of fair trade products on European markets, to help improve the trading conditions and rights of developing world producers and workers;
• To initiate the dialogue between developed and developing country cities to encourage Fair Trade.
This work will draw on the considerable experience provided by the partners of the Fair Procura project


To promote Fair Trade, Belgium decided some years ago to establish the Fair Trade Centre programme.
The task was given to the Belgian Technical Cooperation, which is the Belgian development co-operation agency set up the Belgian Ministry for development co-operation. The Fair Trade Centre programme articulates in three core actions:
• The Fair Trade week organisation;
• Support to the marketing of Fair Trade products;
• Fair Trade Observatory.


The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR)was founded in Geneva in 1951 by a group of European mayors; later, it opened its ranks to the regions and became the Council of European Municipalities and Regions.
Today, it is the largest organisation of local and regional government in Europe; its members are national associations of towns, municipalities and regions from over 35 countries. Together these associations represent some 100,000 local and regional authorities. One of its working group is on public services and procurement.


EUROCITIES is the network of major European cities. Founded in 1986, the network brings together the local governments of more than 120 large cities in over 30 European countries.Itprovides a platform for its member cities to share knowledge and ideas, to exchange experiences, to analyse common problems and develop innovative solutions, through a wide range of Forums, Working Groups, Projects, activities and events.
EUROCITIES is committed to work towards a common vision of a sustainable future in which all citizens can enjoy a good quality of life.


Max Havelaar is a NGO, which manages the quality-label of Fair Trade. This quality-label is granted only if the product fulfills international criteria of Fair Trade. These concern the conditions of production and prices. Max Havelaar gives a guarantee to the consumer: guarantee that the producers from the South get fair price for their crop and that the farmers work in appropriate conditions. Max Havelaar Belgium has launched the campaign Rue du Commerce Equitable (The street of Fair Trade) which is a concrete and creative campaign, participated by citizens who support Fair Trade and sustainable development and inscribed in the international dynamics. Citizens can contribute to the development of Fair Trade through their consumption patterns and support in that way the sustainable development in the South.


The Fair Trade Advocacy Office speaks out for Fair Trade and trade justice with the aim to improve trading conditions for the benefit of small and marginalised producers and poor workers in developing countries. Based in Brussels, the office coordinates the political activities of the four main Fair Trade Networks: Fairtrade Labelling International FLO-I, International Fair Trade Association IFAT, Network of European Worldshops NEWS! and European Fair Trade Association EFTA. These four networks bring together over one million Fair Trade producers from more than sixty countries, 20 national labelling initiatives, more than 200 importers, 3000 worldshops and several thousands volunteers.


IDEAS is both a non-profit cooperative and n officially recognized NGO, strongly rooted within the movement for a solidarity economy. It represents the International Fair Trade Association within the International Council of the World Social Forum. IDEAS has a strong emphasis on food products, which accounts for more than 60% of its turnover. It sells mainly to Worldshops and solidarity groups and has 3 shops of its own (IDEAS del Mundo).