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Fair Trade Public Procurement

More and more public authorities are playing an active part in sustainable development through their daily decision-making, including their purchasing decisions.

As well as introducing environmental and social considerations into their procurement procedures, an increasing number of public authorities are going one step further towards supporting sustainable development by promoting Fair Trade in those procedures. Their purchasing decisions will not only have an impact on the lives of producers in developing countries, but will also set an example for others.

Thus, like the concept of “green procurement”, “Fair Trade Public Procurement”, i.e. introducing Fair Trade considerations into the different stages of public procurement procedures, while respecting the fundamental principles of EU law, is a legitimate means of contributing to sustainable development and eradicating poverty.

FTPP and the Directives on public procurement

Many public authorities are already putting Fair Trade Procurement into practice by introducing Fair Trade considerations into the different stages of public procurement procedures.

When undertaking sustainable purchasing decisions, it is important to bear in mind the requirements and fundamental principles of EU law and avoid limiting access of bidders to the tender or obstructing trade between Member States.


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